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The SKYLINE® Anterior Cervical Plate provides a versatile system of implants and instruments to accommodate the needs and individual preferences of surgeons. The system offers optimal visualization, adapts to the anatomy of the patient, and instills the confi

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Material and methods:A new plate system consisting of multi partite structure for anterior cervical stabilization was designed. Segmental plates were designed for application onto the ventral surface of the vertebral body. Plates differed from 9 to13 mm in length. There are Anterior Cervical Fusion With the Orion Locking Plate SystemStudy Design. This study was conducted to evaluate an anterior cervical fusion plate system, the Orion locking plate, regarding its surgical handling, hardware-related failures, and short-term and long-term results.. Objectives. A comprehensive evaluation of the implant in a broad range of patients with cervical spine

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Anterior cervical decompression and fusion results in high fusion rates. The results of the authors' study show that regardless of the number of levels fused, the use of an anterior cervical plate system significantly increases the fusion rate. Anterior interbody fusion using the cervical spine locking The Cervical Spine Locking Plate system (CSLP) is designed to perform anterior fusions of the cervical and upper thoracic spine. The screws are locked in the H shaped plate providing intrinsic angle stability. Early osseous integration is enhanced by titanium plasma spray coating and by the hollow and perforated design of the screws.

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The sacral plate was designed specifically for anterior spinal use at L5-S1. Compared to the One-Level Flat Plates, the Sacral Plates have a shelf that sits on the S1 endplate to aid with alignment during implantation. The Sacral Plates are also curved to fit the natural lordosis at L5 / S1. Biomechanical comparison of anterior cervical spine locked Three different anterior plate-fixation systems are available for the stabilisation of the cervical spine:(1) the cervical spine locking plate (CSLP), (2) dynamic plates allowing vertical migration of the fixation screws, and (3) various types of plates that are secured with either monocortical or

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There exist two markedly different instrumentation systems for the anterior cervical spine:the Cervical Spine Locking Plate (CSLP) system, which uses unicortical screws with a locking hub mechanism for attachment, and the Caspar Trapezial Plate System, which is secured with unlocked bicortical screws. CETRA Anterior Cervical Plate System Orthofix USThe CETRA Anterior Cervical Plate System is intended for anterior fixation to the cervical spine from C2 to C7. The specific clinical indications include:Degenerative disc disease (as defined as back pain of discogenic origin with degenerative disc confim1ed by patient history and radiographic studies) Spondylolisthesis; Trauma; Spinal stenosis

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Zavation engineers and manufactures a large portfolio of spinal hardware. Our product offerings cover key areas including thoracolumbar, cervical, interbody fusion, and minimally invasive surgery. Zavations spinal implant offerings are wide in variety to match all preferences of surgeons. Zavations extensive lines are there to aid the surgeon in any degenerative disc disease cases they Controversies about Spinal Fusion Surgery - Spine-healthSpine. 2002 Aug1:27(15):1599-1603. 4. Samartzis D, Shen FH, Goldberg EJ et al. Is autograft the gold standard in achieving radiographic fusion in one-level anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with rigid anterior plate fixation? Spine. 2005 Aug 1;30(15):1756-61. 5.


Oct 24, 2012 · New ACIS Anterior Cervical Interbody Spacer System and ZERO-P® VA Implants Featured at NASS. DALLAS, TX OCTOBER 24, 2012 DePuy Synthes Spine today announced the launch of the ACIS Anterior Cervical Interbody Spacer System (ACIS System), a comprehensive set of spacers and instrumentation for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF). DEVICE:ATLANTIS® Anterior Cervical Plate System Jul 06, 2018 · Spinal fixation plate, non-bioabsorbable A small implantable sheet of solid material that is attached to the spine with screws for spinal immobilization and is made of a material that is not chemically degraded or absorbed via natural body processes (includes implant grade metal such as surgical steel, titanium alloy, or carbon fibre).

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Jan 15, 2019 · lumbar spine. Zevo Anterior Cervical Plate System:The Zevo Anterior Cervical Plate System is intended for anterior interbody screw fixation from C2 MaxAn Anterior Cervical Plate SystemSystem Components The ®MaxAn Anterior Cervical Plate System is an anterior cervical spinal fixation device made from titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V). Pre-contoured plates that conform to the natural lordotic curvature of the spine are available in one, two, three, or four level configurations. These offerings also range

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The Slimplicity ® Anterior Cervical Plate offers one of the slimmest plates available, with an easy-to-use locking mechanism that facilitates visual locking confirmation Large graft windows have been incorporated to provide an unimpeded graft site and end plate visualization. The large array of variable and fixed screw options accommodates semi-constrained, constrained and hybrid Sonoma System - SeaSpineThis system is indicated for use in the temporary stabilization of the anterior spine from C2 to T1 during the development of cervical spinal fusions in patients with: degenerative disc disease (DDD) as defined by neck pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed by patient history and radiographic studies,

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Kaneda Anterior Scoliosis System Kaneda SR Anterior Spinal System M-2 Anterior Plate System University Plate Anterior System Frontier ® Anterior Scoliosis System Profile Anterior Thoracolumbar Plate System AEGIS Anterior Lumbar Plate System BowTi ® Anterior Buttress Staple Spinal System Expedium ® Anterior Spine Systems Spine Wave, Inc.Accent® Cervical Spacer System Spine Wave Products Spine Wave is committed to developing and marketing high-quality, innovative medical devices for the treatment of spinal disorders.

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Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System. Delivering Simplicity through Versatility . The versatility of the Proficient® Posterior Cervical Spine System gives surgeons the confidence to treat standard degenerative or complex posterior cervical spine cases from a Surgical Technique & Ordering InformationThe SKYLINE Anterior Cervical Plates are available in lengths from 1 to 5 levels ranging from 12 to 105 mm. Measurements are taken from the center hole of the cephalad level to the center hole of the caudad level. Using the plate holder, position the appropriate plate on the vertebral column to confirm its suitability (Figure 2).


PurPose:The VeNTureAnterior Cervical Plate system components are temporary implants that are intended for anterior interbody screw fixation of the cervical spine during the development of a cervical spinal fusion. The implantation of the VeNTureAnterior Cervical Plate system is via an anterior surgical approach.China Walen Anterior Cervical Plate of Spinal System Spine, Spinal System, Surgical Instrument manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Walen Anterior Cervical Plate of Spinal System, Spine Plate, Endoscopic Stapler, Cutter Tissue Transection Stapler, Disposable Stapler, Disposable Endoscopic Cutter Stapler and Cartridgewith CE/ISO Certificate, for Laparoscopic, Wholesale High Quality and so on.

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